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Ethereum Foundation Grant Winners Receive Over $2.5 Million


The Ethereum Foundation, which supports and promotes decentralized applications, has recently announced grants for thirteen different projects. The non-profit organization consists of notable figures including the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. According to the official announcement, “These grants will fuel the teams working hard at research & development to support the entire ecosystem.”

The research grant began two months ago, and initially focused on scalability programs because the foundation believes that it is “the single most important key technical challenge that needs to be solved in order for blockchain applications to reach mass adoption.” Scalability could be improved by using ‘sharding’, or creating layer 2 protocols, as described in a post written by Buterin. Developers, universities, groups or individuals can apply to the program. The organization later decided to include other technical aspects such as usefulness and security.

The Ethereum Foundation Grant List

Apart from “non-dilutive funding”, the winners will also receive technical advice, user connectivity and a platform to share their projects.

  1. L4 Research – Scalability Grant – $1.5M. State channels research.
  2. Runtime Verification – Security Grant – $500K. Casper contract formal verification.
  3. ETHGlobal – DevEx Grant* – $200K. World-class developer conferences for Ethereum.
  4. Prysmatic Labs – Scalability Grant – $100K. Sharding implementation.
  5. DDA – #buidl Grant** – $100K. Tokenless decentralized derivatives network + state channels R&D
  6. Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Scalability Grant – $50K. Sharding simulation.
  7. Plasma Taiwan Dev – Scalability Grant – $25K. Plasma implementation.
  8. Ethers.js – DevEx Grant – $25K. Web3.js alternative.
  9. Turbo Geth – Scalability Grant – $25K. Geth optimization.
  10. Solium – DevEx Grant – $10K. Solidity static analyzer.
  11. Alex Komarov – Design Grant – $10K. Key management UX study
  12. (Anonymous) – Hackternship – $10K. Deterministic WebAssembly.
  13. Ankit Raj – Hackternship – $10K. Technical writing for Geth and Solidity.

* DevEx Grant – Improves developer experience (“useful” for developers).
** #buidl Grant – Builds for the end user (“useful” for users).

Where Can I Apply?

The grant program is still in progress – you can apply for it by clicking the link here. Even students or people who work can apply for “Hackternships”, where they can solve problems and acquire funding for a 10-week $10K externship. You can choose from five different project types: scalability, usability, security, design and “Hackternship”. Or you can choose “Other” and define the project type for yourself.