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Experty: Access Expert Advice and Consultancy Over the Blockchain

Taking decentralization even further


One of Experty‘s key ambitions is for “complete decentralization”. A lot of blockchain startups these days are creating decentralized marketplaces, but of course, this is then not 100% decentralized. Experty, however, are not creating a marketplace. They are merely facilitating the exchange of information and expertise. This means that you will be able to share your contact details off-chain; on LinkedIn, for example.

What Can it Do?

Through the creation of your Experty profile, you can sell your knowledge or consultancy services as a packaged product. You can set your rates and then wait for clients to start coming in, through a searching facility. And the ability to share your Experty details on other platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter then taps into markets and platforms that are already being used by millions of people. And with that, Experty’s own growth will be more swift and substantial.

Experty actually got going back in 2014 as a consultancy company, and have grown into a blockchain organization through research and a round of seed funding last year. The funding from their upcoming token sale will be used to develop the mobile and web apps, which will facilitate in-app calls and messages, so that all communication can be securely initiated and recorded. They plan to expand this to a desktop application and fiat-compatible services later this year. And once the Experty (EXY) token are in operation, they will serve as the method of staking, as well as accessing premium features within the program.

The token sale goes live on the 25nd January – less then 24 hours later.

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