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Following Binance, Coinvest Moves to Malta; the Blockchain Island


Coinvest, a cryptocurrency investment trading market, has announced that it will relocate its offices to Malta. The company introduced itself to the crypto community in November 2017, with former Microsoft employees in its team including Damon Nam (founder and CEO), Byron Levels (Technology Director) and Taylor Rieckens (Business Development Director). Pete Cashmore, founder and CEO of Mashable, is a part of the advisory board along with Tony Scott. In a blog post published today, Nam explained that blockchain technology will only disrupt industries when it is allowed to grow in a flexible environment.

Our future depends on the support of legal jurisdictions that do not stifle innovation and encourage open, transparent markets — ones that aren’t afraid to redefine the world with new business models. We’re proud to join the ranks of leading blockchain technology companies in aligning with Malta’s progressive stance, in the collective effort to create a new digital economy and grow the blockchain industry to new heights.

Coinvest is collaborating with Malta’s Junior Minister for Financial Services, Silvio Schembri, to create a blockchain council and provide “hundreds of new jobs” for Maltese people. The company’s ICO is closing on April 6th, which will be followed by exchange listings and platform launch. The existing platform consists of Coinvest DAPP, COIN Token and COIN Protocol. Once launched, users can enjoy simplicity, convenience, diversification, decentralization, security and backed collateral on their investments.

Malta, which is also known as the blockchain island, has always supported distributed ledger technology. The Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, said that the country will become a “global trailblazer” after opening its doors to innovative companies. An advisory board with blockchain experts as well as a “Blockchain Committee and Think Tank” are some of the initiatives that Malta has also adopted. Such a positive environment for blockchain projects has also led cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, to shift its business to the country; it did so last month.

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