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Fuel Games Release World’s First Ethereum-Based eSport


Sydney-based Fuel Games have announced the release of a new game – Gods Unchained. The release comes after owners – and brothers – James and Robbie Ferguson raised $2.4 million in seed funding, led by Continue Capital, Nirvana Capital, Sora Ventures and Coinbase. The brothers had previously released their blockchain take on the popular Robot Wars – Etherbots. But this new game will be much more in-depth, presenting a multiplayer strategy game that allows users to take absolute ownership over their in-game purchases, and offering players the chance to “cash out” at any time, by leaving the game and selling off their purchases.

Monetizing In-Game Purchases

In-game purchases have been attracting huge numbers for years, but within a firmly centralized infrastructure. But now, Fuel Games and others like them are starting to turn the tide. James Ferguson had this to say, in the Fuel Games press release:

Gamers spend tens of billions of dollars and countless hours each year acquiring in-game items. But game studios barely offers their users a licensing agreement for these items, let alone actual ownership – they’re a central bank with no oversight.

This clearly reflects the main thinking behind the launch. And James’ brother Robbie, said:

Offering players true ownership of in-game items, and the ability to trade those items freely on secondary, means gamers can finally be rewarded for their efforts and spending. As the games industry switches to asset-driven revenue models, players have a more urgent need than ever for guarantees about the value and tradability of those assets.

Gods Unchained is due for release today (Monday 9th July). You can check out the Gods Unchained website here and the Fuel Games main site here.