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Gameflip: Buying Games and Trading Skins With the Security of Blockchain Tech

Making better use of an existing business


If you’re into your gaming then you’ll have used an online marketplace to buy games. You might even have dipped into the $100 billion annual trading market for games, codes, cheats and skins. And if you’re into your crypto too, you might have used Gameflip.

What Is Gameflip?

Gameflip is an online purchase and trading marketplace for various digital, gaming-related goods. In case you’re not familiar with “skins”, they are a form of digital customization. By buying a skin, you can create a desktop or interface “look” that other gamers don’t have. And just like pimping your ride or painting a room in your house, they are extremely popular. The marketplace is growing exponentially and, as skins can be created by any tech savvy individual out there, they have become an excellent stream of revenue.

Of course, with the ability to develop saleable goods from your home comes the ability of others to defraud the system. As this is still a relatively young marketplace, there are still those out there who exploit the market. Gameflip, though, are among a few companies who are looking to port the marketplace on to the blockchain. Now, Gameflip themselves are ideally positioned to make this happen as a) they have an existing market presence with a large number of loyal users, and b) they are already rewarding customers for paying for goods in Bitcoin.

The Aim

The main aim, then, is to make Gameflip a blockchain-based service. This would mean that buying and selling would take place using their own token – the FLIP token (FLP). This would be incentivized, buying and selling would take place through smart contracts, and users would be able to store all their purchases on the blockchain for ease of access, and total security. This is a recurring theme in the last six months; there wouldn’t be a huge change to the way in which Gameflip works for its customers, but there would be no risk of fraud, and all users would be using the FLP token – purchasable using cypto.


The pre-sale was incredibly successful, with 110% of the target being met in no time at all. And with the entire ecosystem due to be rolled out and completed before the end of 2018, Gameflip are already 70& of the way towards making their business extremely successful.

Gameflip ICO Reaches 12,000 ETH Hard Cap Four Weeks Ahead of Schedule and concluded.

Do you use Gameflip? Will you get involved with FLP-based trading? Let us know in the comments section below!