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Golem App Goes Live After Three Years of Software Development


Golem, the Airbnb for computers, has launched the Brass Beta version of its application, as per the official blog post on April 10th. The project allows users to rent CPU power to others by being paid in cryptocurrencies. Its ICO, which took place in 2016, raised 820,000 ETH within 20 minutes. Twelve updates were implemented on the software and the latest one ‘Brass Golem Alpha2 0.12.0’ was published on March 1st.

The team wrote that they had “undergone a myriad of unforeseen circumstances in these two/three years” which delayed the release. In a conversation with Coindesk, Golem CEO and founder, Julian Zawistowski, explained, “You always underestimate how difficult it is, and this was obviously the case with us.”

First Use Case: Brass Beta

According to the recent use case, the release of Brass Golem only supports CGI rendering. People can use Golem network by connecting it to Ethereum mainnet and buying computing power to create projects using Blender and LuxRenderer. Both these softwares are free, where Blender is an open source 3D design package including modeling, animation and simulation. LuxRenderer is a rendering engine, available for private and commercial users. Before downloading Brass Beta 0.15.0, the team advises users to practice an older version, “We strongly recommend everyone to get accustomed to the testnet version first and only go into mainnet after you have understood how the application works, and how to configure parameters for your tasks correctly.”

Upcoming Use Cases

Golem plans to move towards machine learning since computer science is going through a “golden age”. Currently, the team is developing a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) for users, “Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide developers with a set of tools to enable them to host their machine learning stack on Golem.”

The Bounty competition is also live – winners will receive Golem tokens (GNT) from a pool of 500,000 GNT. You can apply for the bounty position by clicking the link here.