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Grayscale Has Launched Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP Investment Funds

Taking the company's AUM to a whopping $2.2 billion!


Four New Single-asset Crypto Funds

Grayscale has delivered on its January 23rd announcement to add four new single-currency crypto funds and one digital asset basket fund to its investment product offerings by March. In a tweet, the company announced the completion of a big milestone:

Eight Crypto Funds in the Grayscale Portfolio

On February 1st, the Digital Currency Group’s Crypto investment funds company launched the Digital Large Cap Fund that tracks a diversified mix of large-cap digital assets. Subsequently, and more recently, on March 1st, the company launched four new single-asset crypto funds. Each of these funds is solely invested in and derives its value from the price of a single cryptocurrency. So, with the addition of the Bitcoin Cash Investment Trust, the Ethereum Investment Trust, the Litecoin Investment Trust, and the XRP Investment Trust, Grayscale now has eight investment products in all on offer for cryptocurrency investors.

Here’s a quick comparison between Grayscale’s crypto investment fund offerings:

$2.2 Billion AUM

With the recent additions, the company now has a whopping $2.2 billion in assets under management, as also acknowledged by Barry Silbert, founder, and CEO of Grayscale’s parent, Digital Currency Group Co.