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Hash Heroes: A Fully Decentralized Game Born on the Ethereum Platform

The latest game to bring wider interest to Ethereum


Blockchain technology was born out of the need for transparency, security and cost reduction. Thanks to the Ethereum platform, many apps have been developed, allowing users to enjoy these benefits and more. The gaming industry has been one of the most disrupted around, with existing platforms turning to blockchain, and new ones joining regularly. One recent game to enter the market is Hash Heroes, a game that uses verifiable smart contracts and a public ledger, to give users a new gaming experience.

How Is the Game Played?

In order to play the game, you need to download and add the MetaMask Chrome extension, and then send some Ethereum to the new address in MetaMask. You just need to go to MetaMask and get the QR code and use it to send the ETH from your wallet.

Once you are done setting up the MetaMask, you can now proceed to claim a tile. Go to the main page of the game and click on the tile you wish to claim. A MetaMask notification will open requiring you to go ahead and authorize that transaction, after which the tile will be instantly claimed. The receipt will be stored on MetaMask and a link displayed so that you can easily track the transaction.

When you finally win, you will see a ‘Claim Winning” button every time you load the main page. All you need to do is authorize it and your winnings will be credited in your account. Remember, though, in order to see the button for claiming your winnings, the MetaMask has to be enabled.

How Is the Winner Picked?

The design of the game is really simple. It consists of a total of 256 tiles and a board grid of 16×16. Now each tile is attached with a string of 20-character hexadecimals. When you claim the last tile, the smart control that controls the game logic then uses the last two numbers of a blackhash to pick a winner. If you claimed a tile that corresponds to those two characters, then you win that game.

What do you think about Hash Heroes game? Does the blockchain technology make it unique and worth a try, especially considering that you can win real Ethereum? Let us hear what you think.