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How to Mine Ethereum

Ethereum Mining Explained


Ethereum mining is not all that complicated. To make digital currency, you need to understand how to go about it. However, you will need to do it in the right manner to avoid any scams. After mining your Ethereum, you can either hold onto it and hope it grows in value or begin trading in it immediately.

Understand Ethereum First

Ethereum is an open platform based on the blockchain. On it, developers can develop and deploy decentralized applications. The good thing about Ethereum is that it supports multiple applications that go beyond just making payments.

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second biggest digital currency in market capitalization. As Ethereum grows, demand for mining also increases. It also causes mining to become more difficult.

Choose the Right Hardware

The first step to mining Ethereum is to have the right hardware with you. Usually, this specific computer will mine Ethereum full time. You can use either a CPU or a GPU to mine for these digital coins. However, most miners of Ethereum now use GPUs as CPUs are too slow.

After finding the right GPU, you will want to set up a machine that is composed of many GPUs. It will usually take you about a week to put together. Alternatively, you can have a technician do it for you. Look for a GPU based on its hash rate and electricity consumption. After finding the hardware that matches your needs, you can then move to the next step and install the software. Now you are ready to go.

Choose Your Mining Pool

On your own, it might be quite difficult to mine Ether. That is why you should consider joining a mining pool. Miners band together and improve their chances of solving the equations. They then split the profits amongst themselves. Keep in mind that each mining pool has its own payment terms. It is up to you to choose a mining pool with the right payment structure. One way to make your choice is by joining a mining forum. Here you can get information on which pool is best.

Is it Worth it?

As more miners mine Ethereum, it is becoming more difficult to solve the problems required to mine it. That is why it is currently so expensive to extract this digital currency. Combined with the price of equipment, this makes the returns quite low. However, the growing expense of Ethereum may make it worthwhile in the long term. Thus, if you mine Ethereum today, the best choice would be to hold onto until its price makes it possible for you to get a return on your investment.

Do you think Ethereum mining is worth the effort? Is it something you would consider doing? Leave us your thoughts below.