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Huawei to Allow Bitcoin Wallet Downloads From Friday


The Vice President for Business Operations at has today confirmed that they will be teaming up with Huawei to launch a crypto app that will allow mobile phone users to download Bitcoin wallets. Alejandro de la Torre went on to say that the app would be available for download on Friday, with the new Huawei AppGallery pre-installed on all new Huawei and Honor phones. The roll-out for older devices expected in the near future.

Cornering the Chinese Market

Huawei is already the best-selling mobile provider in China, and the third-biggest worldwide. However, their own app store – AppGallery – is giving them even more of a market share in the world’s most-populated country, as the government has banned Android’s Google Play store and large parts of the iTunes store. And are no small fry themselves, controlling the world’s largest BTC mining pool.

This latest move signals a rising trend towards the crypto-sphere from Huawei, who launched their own blockchain-as-a-service platform barely a month ago. And the launch of AppGallery is likely to bring around a number of exciting new opportunities for Huawei users – including plenty of blockchain and crypto options.

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