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IBM Partner With Hu-manity on Blockchain App


IBM are to work with blockchain firm Hu-manity in the latest in a long line of blockchain-based projects for the global tech giant.

Hu-manity announced today (6th September) that their app is live on iOS and Android. The app has been named #My31, alluding to the fact that control over one’s own data should be the 31st human right under UN law. The app is designed to help users take back control of their personal data, choosing what to share and when. The first scope of the project will be within healthcare, where data is so often sensitive but – until recently – has been so vulnerable.

Bridget van Kralingen, the Senior VP for Global Industries, Platforms and Blockchain at IBM, was quoted in the press release saying:

IBM has long been focused on providing data stewardship which supports our belief that your data is your data. With new digital business models driving data sharing to unprecedented levels, we believe that blockchain can serve as a key ingredient to enhance trust and responsibility with regards to data. Our work with is a pioneering example of how permissioned blockchain can help balance individual rights with distributed data access at scale.

Meanwhile, Richie Etwaru, Hu-manity’s founder and CEO, said: “By creating a global consent ledger built on the IBM Blockchain Platform, people, corporations, and the monetization of human data can co-exist sustainably. People will enjoy greater levels of security, privacy, and control while corporations will be able to lawfully benefit from access to higher quality data that has the explicit consent and authorization of its rightful owner.”

Hu-manity are on a genuine mission to petition the UN over the addition of this 31st human right. You can see their outline for the wording on their website by clicking here.

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Do you think that the UN will take notice of this potential additional human right? Let us know your thoughts.