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ICOs Have Already Raised Over $2 Billion in 2018 and it’s not Even March!


There may have been some doom-mongers out to tell you that crypto is going down the drain, with falling values in the top currencies, and dips in overall market cap hitting investors hard so far this year, despite the recent recovery seen across the board. Try telling that to the startups and new blockchain adopters though; their ICOs have raise a total of over $2 billion to date. Bearing in mind that last year’s total was just shy of $6 billion, it is a safe bet that this total will be blown out of the water long before the summer is through. 2018 really is the year of the ICO!

Pre-sale Frenzies

The statistics show that the vast majority of this total has come from pre-sales – almost 85% in fact. This shows that startups are getting increased amounts of interest from private companies, which points towards the increasing movement of the blockchain world into the mainstream. This can be seen from the charts below (source: TokenData).

Here, you can clearly see the massive rise, almost month on month.

Meanwhile, this chart shows that the proportion of capital raised from pre-sales is in the overwhelming majority.

And the largest cryptocurrencies will surely see a net gain from this, even though the amount of different currencies has risen, and the world of the token-based asset for exchange seems to have captured the public imagination this year rather more than a straightforward currency like Bitcoin.

It’s also worth noting that this figure has been somewhat elevated by a couple of extraordinary successes so far this year. The Dragon ICO, which you can read more about here, has raised over $300 million on its own in the largest crowdsale to date, and the Telegram ICO has exceeded the $850 million mark, benefiting largely from the aforementioned private sales. And if these successes draw more startups into the market, we could be looking at anywhere up to $20 billion raised by the end of 2018. Now that would be quite something!