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indaHash Coin: The New Cryptocurrency for Influencers

indaHash ICO Completed Successfully – Working Towards Revolutionizing the Influencer Industry


The influencer market is vast, and it is about to become even more lucrative thanks to the new indaHash coin. The ICO attracted many investors, and the funds raised will enable the indaHash team to improve on the new cryptocurrency’s economics.

Facilitating Smooth Transactions in the Influencer Industry

It currently takes between 30 to 60 days for influencers to get paid for their services. This long waiting period limits the performance of many influencers, and it brings about complications that influencers would gladly do away with.

The indaHash coin promises to enable instant payments for influencer services. The transactions are designed to be private and anonymous, hence allowing influencers and clients to be confident and bold in their activities. What’s more, influencers and their clients will be able to use the indaHash coins or cash them immediately after getting paid – influencers do not have to endure the long and costly process of liquidating fiat.  

indaHash coins will do more than just facilitate smooth transactions. Developers project that the rates of influencers using the indaHash coin will rise by up to 20% compared with fiat. Additionally, clients who use the indaHash coin will get more than what they would using fiat.  

Why Trust That the indaHash Coin Will Grow?

The indaHash ICO team has been working hard to ensure that the indaHash coin will be a success, and the success of its ICO is proof of this. Several measures will be taken to attract influencers and clients to use the indaHash coin.

To start with, indaHash will grant first access to campaign influencers who choose to use the indaHash coin. Considering the competitiveness of this industry, this will encourage most influencers to get on board. Additionally, fans and clients who use the indaHash coin will access more discounts compared with those who don’t. In fact, there is a program that will grant fans personalized interactions with their influencers if they use the indaHash coin.

indaHash is also banking on its size and influence to support its cryptocurrency’s growth. indaHash works with influencers from over 70 countries globally, and it is seen as a pacesetter in the industry. The indaHash coin currently has a hard cap of 320 million coins for the participants, and 20% of the total for the company.

Getting indaHash Coins

indaHash coins have already been made available for influencers and their clients via the indaHash ICO platform. All you have to do is register on the platform to become eligible for the new currency – indaHash coins are currently traded with Ether. Influencers can also create their own indaHash coins for use in promoting their influencer activities through discounts and social activities.

Do you work in the influencer industry? Would you consider ditching fiat and national currencies for the new indaHash coin? If so, why? Share your thoughts in the comments below.