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Intel Applies for a Digital Rights Management Patent Which Will Use Blockchain Technology

Intel Uses Blockchain Technology to Invent a Platform for Digital Rights Management


Intel, the technology global firm, is one of the firms that see blockchain as a way that can be used to reimagine the management of digital rights. The patent application details a process where blockchain will be used to download rights to digital images. The patent is required to protect the unique invention by the firm.

According to a new Intel digital rights management patent application, blockchain technology will be used for the documentation and verification of digital content characteristics that will be relevant to copyright protection. The characteristics can be in the form of a timestamp that shows the creation date of the content, an identifier that shows the content author, or a measurement that can be used for the detection of the copying or modification of the content.

The proposed invention will use different software to assess the copyright policy settings for every image, even if it might have been from an external source. The invention will come up with a unique identity called “shadow images”, for the original and modified versions of the content.

The patent will also be used on videos and other types of content in addition to images, according to Intel’s application. This means there will be comprehensive rights systems that will have more features. For instance, the tech company will allow users to maintain their works in progress, such as unstructured literary pieces that might have more than one editor. This will allow the content to be changed only according to the policy settings of the copyright.

Intel is not the only firm pursing the idea of using blockchain technology to manage digital rights, as there is the Berklee’s open music initiative, which is a nonprofit initiative created on open-source protocol for the uniform identification of music rights holders and creators. The initiative will use blockchain technology to radically simplify the way music owners will be identified and compensated. This will result in the creation of sustainable businesses for artists, music business owners and entrepreneurs.

Other firms include China’s ZhongAn, a subsidiary of ZhongAN, an online company which seeks to shape the traditional insurance industry by the use of Internet thinking across the insurance value chain from, product design to servicing of claims. The subsidiary seeks a patent to prevent the unauthorized distribution of digital media content by providing the ability to identify who shared the content. Wenn Digital is another firm that is developing the KODAKCoin and a related digital rights management platform for Kodak.

The Intel patent is, however, the most recent by the firm that seeks to protect its intellectual invention related to the industry. The firm also filed another patent in June 2016 that sought to protect a blockchain-powered software which would assist in DNA genetic sequencing research. The tech giant was looking for ways to use the energy expended during the mining of cryptocurrencies for the sequencing of genetic data. The patent described the use of a sequence-mining platform that would identify the order of nucleobases in a DNA or RNA.

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