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Interchange: Portfolio Management Without the Hassle of Spreadsheets

An automated upgrade


For an industry that’s founded on technological advancement, crypto still has its blind spots. Blockchain technology is revolutionary, offering decentralized, secure storage and possibilities for connecting people, countries and finances around the world. The currencies that sit on the blockchain too, such as Ethereum, are an ultra-modern, high-tech way of using algorithms and technology itself.

So, why are investors still using spreadsheets to collate portfolio information?

A More Convenient Alternative

Granted, spreadsheets are not from the dark ages. And for finances, they can be very effective. But, it doesn’t seem to match up to the technological robustness of blockchain tech. Until now! Interchange will automate this process, allowing connections to multiple exchanges to collate data and manage portfolios without the need to sit down and manually input data. They’re using AES-26 encryption – that’s military-grade, so there won’t be any concerns about security. And they have already added multiple exchanges to their interface, with the promise of more to come.

With such a market to corner, Interhange have, in their own words, been fairly secretive. They do keep a Twitter account though, on which they say that more details and developments are on their way. From this, it is clear that they are a part of a company called Picks and Shovels, who focus on creating investor tools in the crypto space.

From the Medium report, we can also see that their interface will focus on insights, multiple tracking and producing clean reports for accountants. Clearly then, this will be aimed at professionals, and multiple investors.

Stay tuned to for more details on Interchange’s exciting developments!