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Intimate: Using Blockchain Technology to Safeguard Workers in the Adult Industry

Using blockchain technology to reduce crime and safety risks


Security issues are not all about fraud and theft. Within some industries, much darker and riskier issues exist, such as personal safety and exploitation. There is no doubt that one of the most exploitative industries in the world is that of the adult industry. For too long, the nature of adult entertainment has meant that workers and companies have been treated as commodities, and crime related to identification, exploitation and physical harm has damaged many lives. But all the while the industry itself has thrived – you will see adult websites on the Alexa top 10, for example.

Revolutionary Safety Measures

The Intimate (ITM) token sits on the Ethereum blockchain, making payments completely non-corruptible. It acts as a trust-based payment mechanism for workers and companies in the adult industry alike. With such a sensitive area of work, anonymity has always been valued, but can come at a price. Using a trust mechanism to build reputations, with identification data sitting on the Ethereum blockchain, is not a new concept in the last couple of years. But it would seem ideally suited to this particular industry. Payments, verification and trust ratings could allow workers to make safer choices, and reduce exploitation, trafficking and assault in the industry exponentially.

Intimate already have a live, on-demand client, based in the UK. Rendevu allows for escorts and clients to hook up, using credit card verification and a peer-review system. And there has been significant media coverage worldwide. They were also at CES Las Vegas to promote the upcoming token sale, which is scheduled for some time in the next couple of months. They held an initial token sale in November 2017.

Intimate may be met with a few blockers as a result of the industry they represent, but this may be exactly the type of publicity that blockchain technology would actually benefit from; a service that can statistically reduce crime would fly directly in the face of its detractors, who say that the technology was created in the first place to facilitate shady cryptocurrency deals.

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