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Italy’s New Government Look to Push Blockchain Agenda


Guiseppi Conte, a 53-year-old professor of law, has today been sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Italy. The new-look ministerial makeup is noteably anti-establishment, with policies including lower taxes on a two-tier system, a significant financial boost to welfare and new rules on budgets and immigration.

However, one of the most significant agendas for this new government is to eliminate the ongoing perception of corruption that has haunted Italian politics for too long. And ministers from the 5-Star Movement (M5S) are hoping to expand the uses of blockchain beyond the financial to help achieve this goal.

And Lorenzo Giustozzi, BlockchainEdu Association’s Director, believes that there is a clear starting point.

There is uncertain regulation and a total absence of facilities. The legislator should focus on stopping blockchain technology companies moving abroad and helping those who choose to stay.

The M5S relationship with blockchain dates back to 2016, when the then leader Beppe Grillo remarked that one of the first places blockchain could be used to root out corruption could be within the government itself:

We’re working on a project, the so-called Blockchain for the encrypted information. It is very interesting- you have an algorithm and there are no intermediaries… If the Blockchain could be used in politics that would be very interesting, so if a parliament member you voted for does not follow the program he or she would be automatically expelled.

One thing’s for sure: the Italian media will have their work cut out over the next few months.

Image Credit: Deposit Photos