Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency And Blockchain News Launches New Blockchain Platform With App


Chinese e-commerce giant has announced the launch of JD Blockchain Open Platform – a blockchain-as-a-service platform that “enables customers to create and adjust smart contracts on public and private enterprise clouds with ease”, according to a press release today (August 17th). The app in question is designed to keep tabs on corporate e-invoicing with immutable records that will sit on the ledger.

The first company to use the JD Blockchain Open Platform is CIPC – China Pacific Insurance Company, a multi-billion dollar insurance company which has been established for over 25 years. Jian Pei,’s head of big data and smart supply chain, said:

JD Blockchain Open Platform is a culmination of the expertise and experience in blockchain technology that we initially developed for our own operations, to provide more visibility to consumers. As we continue to open our technology and infrastructure up to other companies, we are pleased to have CIPC as our first blockchain platform customer.

Meanwhile, CIPC Vice President and CFO, Yanhong Pan, was quoted as saying:

Blockchain technology is transforming the way companies do business, and we are pleased to have found a great partner in JD to guide and help us along the way.

Immutable Supply Chain Benefits

Earlier this year, partnered with Australian meat exported InterAgri to create a blockchain-based supply chain monitoring platform for Pure Black Angus Beef imports into China. Evidently, with this project and the most recent invoice tracking system, are focusing their blockchain-related efforts on trust and reliability. CTO Chen Zhang, said: We’re excited to partner with InterAgri to deliver this level of transparency to our 266 million customer base. We’re increasingly implementing blockchain-enabled traceability solutions to give consumers confidence that they are buying safe, reliable products for their families. Consumers in China don’t just want quality imported products, they want to know that they can trust how and where their food is sourced, and blockchain helps us deliver this peace of mind.