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Joint: Blockchain Powered Commenting Solution for Publishers

ICO scheduled for February 2018


With its website due for launch in 25 days, there is much still to learn about Turkey-based Joint Ventures. However, their Twitter account makes it very clear that they are taking aim at commenting solutions. Their goal is to make commenting, and traffic to commenting interfaces, more streamlined, secure and incentivized.


Good comments are hard to come by. Commenting systems such as Disqus work well but are besieged by spammy or substandard comments. This helps nobody, but equally, commenting is not a generally incentivized system. So, people are less likely to bother.

Joint Ventures (actually Joint as the product name) is looking to create a tokenized reward-based commenting system. The interface will be similar to existing commenting systems such as the aforementioned Disqus, but will be fully incentivized. This means that commenters will receive tokens depending on the value of their contributions. The Joint token will sit on the Ethereum blockchain, and will therefore be fully tradeable.

Furthermore, users will be able to use their tokens to buy traffic, which could be a powerful marketing tool. All in all, it is therefore likely that such a system will attract serious commenters who will add value. This will then generate more reliable rating data in the future.

Upcoming ICO

With the ICO due in March 2018, there will be a full coverage piece nearer the time, here on Bitrazzi. Meanwhile, keep this bookmarked, as a token-based commenting system could add real value to a market that has had its struggles of late.

Keep checking back on Bitrazzi for the latest on this, and other upcoming ICOs!