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Keep Pet: Store and Access all Your Pets’ Data

Keep Pet Uses Blockchain to Enable Pet Owners Around the World to Store and Access all Their Pets' Data


A pet is not just an animal that lives with you. In fact, pets today are pretty much considered family members. From the time they are young until when they grow old, pets make us feel warm inside. But how do we maintain and respect this relationship between pets and humans? Cue KeepPet, a blockchain-enabled application that keeps pets safe by accumulating important information about each animal.

Designed to be an international digital passport for pets, KeepPet provides pet owners, law enforcement bodies, border patrol services and exhibition organizers with quick and easy access to a pet’s data. Acting as a pet passport, this application will gather and store important information about every individual pet on its platform.

Furthermore, with the capacity to tap into a market of over 2 billion pet owners, KeepPet is set to give pet owners a reliable service that will help maintain relationships with their furry friends. Plus, companies will better customize their services with KeepPet’s statisticsallowing for a better service delivery. Also, researchers will have an easy time collecting and analyzing data.

Why is KeepPet Important?

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of domestic animals. To implement tighter control, governments need a system that enables animal identification. This is why KeepPet seeks to solve this problem by developing a single international pet passport system that will not only make pet owners and their pets more comfortable, but will also create a positive impact on the industry.

Problems That KeepPet Is Solving

If you have ever lost your furry little friend while playing in the park, then you know just how frustrating it can get. Sure, you can use a badge and hope that a sympathetic person will contact you when they find your pet, but sometimes when your pet is not cute and cuddly, people will shy away. This is just one of the many problems that pet owners face today.

Thankfully, with KeepPet you can easily locate your pet at the touch of a button. In fact the “Dog Locator” was the first invention that gave rise to KeepPet. Currently, it has developed a system that helps pet owners link their pets’ records, including place of birth. They can also travel with their pets without worrying about veterinary controls. In addition, exhibition organizers will also benefit as they will easily identify falsified breeding records and pet achievements.

Do you think KeepPet will revolutionize the industry with an application that makes life easy for pet owners? Talk to use and share your thoughts and opinions!