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Khan Academy now Accepts Bitcoin Cash Donations

BCH donations to support global education?


With over two million teachers and 40 million students, Khan Academy (a world-renowned, leading educational resource) will now accept Bitcoin Cash donations.

According to a TrustNodes report, there is a recent development with one of the world’s biggest educational resource platforms, as quoted on a social media post that reads;

Coinbase (also a renowned cryptocurrency exchange) features the capacity to convert payments made in cryptocurrency into fiat currency. It is still not clear whether the feature is available for merchants such as Khan Academy since Coinbase is yet to make an announcement to show Bitcoin Cash support for this feature with merchants.

Bitcoin Cash Rally

This development comes just weeks after Coinbase added Bitcoin Cash for trading on its GDAX trading platform, and it looks like Bitcoin Cash might be preparing for a huge rally in price. Why, you ask? Well, the adoption of a huge merchant such as the Khan Academy, with millions of daily users on its platform, demonstrates great support for the relatively-new cryptocurrency.

In fact, with cases of BCH supporters buying and selling using only Bitcoin Cash – a good example being a BCH supporter who sold a Diamond Ring and his Tesla for Bitcoin Cash – campaigns for support of the cryptocurrency can only go up, resulting in a growth in value.

But let’s face it: it will take a long time before we realize a fully functional BCH economy where you will be able to buy your family, dinner, pay for a house or even go to college using only Bitcoin Cash. As of now, Bitcoin Cash holders’ only option for spending is to change to fiat currencies and incur fees and charges for payment processing.

But there is hope, especially since Bitcoin Cash has such a fast transaction time and has seen significant growth with the number of transactions going up. Perhaps the move by Khan Academy might boost the numbers even further. Who knows? We might just realize a local economy where more merchants come in to accept BCH, creating a fully operational crypto-economy.

What do you think about the move by Khan Academy to accept Bitcoin Cash donations? Will it change the trajectory of Bitcoin Cash growth? Talk to use in the comment section below!