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Ledger Announces New Wallet Desktop and Mobile Applications


Through its blog, Ledger  has announced that their new app will allow users to bring all their cryptocurrencies into one solitary space. The new app will be ideal for use on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Additionally, unlike the previous apps, this one will not need you to use Google Chrome or Chromium.

What to Expect in the New App

According the company CEO ‘sstatement, users should expect a unique app that can be used for all currencies. The new app comes with all the other features that are found in different wallet apps in a unified as well as multi-currency unique application. The multi-currency aspect will support 23 currencies inclusive of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. It also comes with a dashboard to view all your assets. The company has enhanced its facelift features to make the app more appealing and easy to use. The users will also be able to confirm their transactions before sending their funds.

As per the company’s blog post, plans are afoot to make the ledger hardware wallet easy to use.

“We intend to include the ability for a full mobile experience and the possibility of supporting more cryptocurrencies in Nano S and third party app integrations”, reads the company’s statement. The new app comes with its specific set of native USB drivers.

New Ledger Manager Platform

According to Ledger’s statement, the company is also working on developing a fresh version of the Ledger manager platform. The new platform aims to move to a web-based solution that entails direct USB communication, which will not require the installation of other extensions. It will also support different browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera and Chromium. “This new version will highly improve user experience by bringing a lot of new features such as device information, firmware and apps updates, quick overview of installed currencies, categories, 3rd party apps” said the company’s CEO, Eric Larcheveque.

Ledger aims at announcing the release of the desktop version in Q2 of 2018, while the mobile version will be launched in Q3 2018. Users can also expect the new Ledger Manager in Q2 2018. Keep an eye out here for more details on the release.

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