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Let’s Go! Chinese Search Engine Giant Launches Another Crypto-pet Game


As we have seen with ICOs over the last 12 months, if an idea proves popular, everyone starts to do it. This is of course the risk with decentralization; there can be as many incarnations of a single idea as there are people willing to put the work in. And it’s not just ICOs; we can see this trend in other blockchain uses too.

Cryptokitties by Another Name?

Baidu is a $70 billion a year tech company, based in China and specializing in the Internet. Its search engine is the fourth-most visited website in the world, and they have been working with blockchain applications for a while. Now, they have launched a crypto-dog service, which is blockchain-powered. It’s phonetically known as “Let’s Go” and would appear to be almost exactly the same as Cryptokitties (except with dogs), the Ethereum-based craze of late 2017. However, it is unclear as to whether Baidu are using a public network or not.

As with cryptokitties, acquiring a new pet will cost more depending on how rare the animal is. The project is still in development, but should be ready for wider public use soon. And given the population of China, and the popularity of Baidu as a go-to search engine, there should be significant amounts of traffic to “Let’s Go!” in the near future.