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Loyalcoin: Collating All Your Online Loyalty Options

More flexibility with your hard-earned loyalty points


In a globalized, capitalist era, businesses are now being forced to fight tooth and nail to attract a loyal customer base ahead of their rivals. More and more companies have loyalty schemes, cards, discount and one-off offers. It can be an absolute nightmare to know what you can get, and when, and how much for. If only there was a way to collate it all…

Loyalcoin is a cryptocurrency that wants to replace the concept of points. Instead of being given points on a card, a company would provide you with LYL tokens, which you can also buy with Bitcoin, Ethereum or NEM (XEM).

The best thing about using this service though, is that these tokens wouldn’t tie you into one single company; you’d be able to use them with any other company that was signed up to use LYL.

And obviously, using blockchain technology would mean a platform allowing for much easier browsing of available loyalty options. This means that companies would benefit from greater exposure to customer bases, which would be an attractive prospect, even though they would lose the tie-in afforded to them by distributing singular loyalty cards. The option for customers to buy loyalty tokens would also increase the captive market for early corporate adopters of the currency.

Loyalcoin is being developed by Appsolutely, who are pretty established in the field of marketing. They have an online presence and a product suite, s on the face of it they would seem to be a solid investment. The ICO ended five days ago, and the system is scheduled for launch for some time in 2018, so watch this space for a full report when the time comes!

Do you use loyalty cards and points? Would you use crypto to get a wider range of deals? Let us know in the comments below.