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Lucyd: Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

With the added bonus of unlimited application possibilities, thanks to blockchain tech!


The concept of “smart glasses” is nothing new, but making the concept a success would be a world first. So, Lucyd have stepped up with 13 patents and a whole lot of science, to make these latest smart glasses a product that will stick around. How are they going to help the product grow? Blockchain, as it has with so many concepts of late, is providing the answer.

Based on a Negative Precedent

It’s difficult to get away from the fact that previous attempts to produce commercially successful smart glasses have failed. Google Glass is the most obvious example of this. Their product was confusing, didn’t scale and was extremely expensive. The list of issues has grown over time, but this may have played into Lucyd’s hands, as they have had a chance to observe, learn and develop.

So, What About the Product?

The base tech within Lucyd’s glasses is similar to a mobile phone. You will be able to take pictures, watch videos, make calls and speak. Sound is transmitted to your ears through embedded bone-conducting earphones in the glasses’ stems. Impressively, Lucyd have obtained thirteen separate patents on their technology, meaning that they can market these glasses as a truly unique product. This is likely to be of significant interest to investors.

But doesn’t this all sound a bit rudimentary? Why not just stick with a mobile phone, right? This is where blockchain technology comes in, and could well be the driving force behind a potentially hugely successful product. The product will be open-source, meaning that anyone can create an app to go on the glasses. This paves the way for potentially unlimited numbers of apps. And to incentivize developers to come up with some really great ideas, they are releasing the LDC token alongside. Initially, the token sale will provide funding for hardware development. Moving forward though, LCD will be used for purchases as well as credits for app developers. And, of course, everything will be secure thanks to blockchain’s most universally acclaimed feature: security.

And the best news? The ICO is on right now!

What do you think about this product? Will they finally corner a market that is waiting to explode? Will you dip into the ICO? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!