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Malta Says Yes to Blockchain for Public Transportation


As the transport sector continues to become digitized, the government of Malta is introducing blockchain into the mix. Through its recent partnership with Omnitude Malta is set to cause a revolution in their transport industry, thanks to blockchain. Omnitude, the multi-enterprise blockchain middleware platformm is one of the most notable entities in the industry.

The government is looking to enhance its logistics platform and public transportation service by utilizing the company’s middleware technology. The country’s minister for transport, infrastructure and capital projects, Ian Borg, expressed optimism in a recent press release:

We believe in Omnitude’s blockchain technology and its broad use-cases for the government. We can see its potential in a range of government departments and it will form a cornerstone technology platform as part of our commitment to drive forward innovation. It will improve the quality of life and enhance access to information for Maltese citizens. Blockchain technology is a key part of our national technology strategy that will see us transform different sectors.

Omnitude’s first emergence as a revolutionary concept came out of an existing ecommerce agency. The company is looking to build even more blockchain solutions that will integrate both supply and enterprise supply chains. Earlier this year, the government of Malta implemented a blockchain strategy. This made it one of the pioneering countries in the world to make use of a national strategy based on its technology.

More Than Just a Partner in the Transport Sector

Omnitude is not only focused on improving the transportation system in the country but also getting into partnership with Formula One to help bring about blockchain benefits to engineering and advanced racing projects.

According to Chris Painter, the founder and CEO of Omnitude, governments all over the world are now waking up to the reality of a digital system that can help improve efficiency in most of its major sectors. As such, he is optimistic that their partnership with the Maltese government will bear fruit, considering how progressive the government has been on technological matters. For instance, since March 2018, the government has been in a race to establish itself as a hub for Bitcoin. This can be exemplified by its recent move to welcome Binance, a Hong Kong-based crypto firm, into the country.

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