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MetaMask Browser Extension Abruptly Pulled From Google Chrome Store and Relisted


The MetaMask Browser Extension on the Google Chrome store has suffered a brief period of uncertainty, as the extension was abruptly pulled from the store with no explanation.

MetaMask announced in a tweet on Wednesday 25th July, that its browser extension, which assists in interacting with the Ethereum network, had been pulled from Google Chrome Store, a situation which caused users some distress.

However, MetaMask put out another post about 5 hours later to inform its users that the extension had been relisted.

The importance of the MetaMask app cannot be overemphasized. It is one of the oldest and most trusted apps, remaining a frequently used decentralized app (DApp) on the Ethereum network because it serves an important access point for users of the network.

On its official Twitter account, MetaMask stated that it was “unsure” of the cause of the negative action taken by Google in pulling the extension from its store for the period it was de-listed:

PSA: MetaMask has been delisted from the Chrome Web Store. We are unsure of why this is the case and we will update everyone as we get more information. All other browsers are unaffected.

Providing some words of reassurance, the company told its users that the extension installed on their Chrome browsers “should be unaffected” in the short term, but that there would be no new installs for some time.

To show that the temporary de-listing of the extension was already taking a negative toll on the system, Augur, a prediction market protocol that is based on the Ethereum blockchain, warned its users in a tweet not to download the MetaMask extension on the Google Chrome store, labelling it a fake, phishing application.

Google has not officially clarified, to either the public or MetaMask, the reason behind the temporary delisting of the extension from its store, leaving a cloud of doubt over its future on the store.

What do you think the reason for the de-listing was? Error or security concern – or something else? Let us know your thoughts.