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Moscow Stock Exchange Developing a Platform to Publish ICO Info


The Chief Executive of the Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX), Alexander Afanasiev, has told Reuters that they are developing an platform for upcoming and active ICOs. The platform, which will not actually list the ICOs itself, is expected to be launched later this year. Afanasiev told Reuters:

We’re treating them as we treat fiat currencies so far because cryptocurrencies don’t have a status of legally protected assets now, but if it changes we will place them in our system as well.

Afansiev didn’t rule out the possibility of futures products for these ICOs in the future either, saying that they were “working on a possible structure.”

More Crypto Chat Out of Russia

The news from the MOEX is the latest in a sudden increase in crypto talk in Russia. This is mostly down to the scheduled regulatory guidelines for crypto that will be announced on July 1st, and have already been greeted extremely favourably within the Russian government.

And the news became even more crypto-focused this week, when Vladmir Putin himself dedicated some of his air time to crypto discussion, saying that he doesn’t believe that the state-backed crypto which has been talked about for some – the “Crypto Ruble” – will ever actually be developed. For more on that story, take a look here.

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