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Mycuriocards: A Platform That Enhances Artist Welfare

Mycuriocards Provides Better Incentives To Artists and Collectors

0 is a blockchain-based platform for artists and collectors, which is geared towards the benefit of the artists. Before the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrency, selling digital art was pretty difficult because of huge fees, taxes, copyright issues, theft and restrictive DRM. However, is bucking that trend.

Now, selling digital art work has been made easy with the launch of this website. Artists can now make huge profits selling their artwork. Also, artists can interact with their work in amazing ways. All this is made possible with the introduction of the blockchain technology.

The website asserts that artists should join their Telegram room with a view to getting updates, sharing ideas and meeting the curio community.

If you are an artist and you intend to make your own card in order to start making money, the website features certain artists regularly. However, you should contact them by filling in a form on the website and providing details about your work and interests. They also advise that you join their Telegram room. They have plans in the pipeline to open up the platform for everybody to participate.

Curio Wallet

Curio wallet is an important tool on the website that allows artists to store their curio cards. MyCurioWallet is a fork of MyEtherWallet. Also, it is an open-source, free client-side tool that allows for secure and easy interaction on the Ethereum network. Mycuriocards claims that MyEtherWallet was created by the duo of Tayvano and Kvhnuke.

The wallets that are supported allow users to control a private key. Once you have a wallet that grants you such access, you will receive your curio cards. However, managing your curio cards won’t be possible unless you use a CurioWallet.

The CurioWallet is mobile-supported. The website plans to add native Android and iOS apps in the future.

How to Buy Curio Cards

Here is how to buy curio cards;

  • Firstly, you need to create and operate a CurioWallet account, to enable you manage the curio card
  • Then send your Ethereum from the CurioWallet you have created, to any of the available vending machine addresses
  • Your new cards should be available in your CurioWallet and gallery.

How to Trade Curio Cards

Here are the simple steps to take when you intend to trade your curio cards;

  • You need a CurioWallet to store the card
  • You will see Curio cards listed on the EtherDelta platform. The links to the curio cards trading page on the EtherDelta platform are listed on
  • Proceed to make a trade.
  • When you are through trading, you should send the new curios back to your wallet.
  • Make sure you join the Telegram room to stay updated.

With this platform in place, artists can now professionally value their work and earn good income from their creativity. Join now for better rewards.