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NAGA Has Started Pre-Registration for Their NAGA Debit Card

Interesting Details about the NAGA Debit Card


NAGA has officially announced that the process of pre-registering for the NAGA Debit Card has kicked off. This revolutionary debit card has been designed to be crypto-friendly. The company also revealed that for the pre-registration process, only 10 thousand slots would be available. The NAGA Coin website has also provided details on how you can secure a pre-registration slot.

The Usability of the Card

The debit card will fill a huge gap that exists in the crypto space. It is going to debut as the first fully-functioning debit card that allows funding via crypto. With the launch of this card, the lines between crypto and the financial system will become more blurred.

If it succeeds, it will be the first time that such a concept has reached the market. In the recent past, many players in the sector have promised to launch such a card. However, they usually all end up disappointing at the last minute. This announcement in itself is interesting since it is six months ahead of schedule. Unlike other similar projects, this one is going so well that they have pushed forward the timelines.

The Card’s Ecosystem 

This debit card is going to become a focal point for the entire NAGA ecosystem. While it can function as a standalone debit card, it will also be directly connected to the ever-expanding NAGA Universe. All platforms created by NAGA will, in some way, be connected to this card.

For instance, social traders on NAGA TRADER will be able to make a profit on the stock exchange and send their earnings to the debit card for when they need the funds. Besides this , gamers on the Switex platform will be able to sell in-game items and convert them into cash, which they can then spend online or anywhere in the world.

How it Connects With the NAGA Coin

The NAGA Debit Card will be funded via all the major cryptocoins. However, it will also incorporate the NAGA coin. Those who prefer to use the NAGA Coin on the NAGA ecosystem will get access to lower commissions and many other benefits. Moving your NAGA coins across to the different platform will also be quite easy.

In Line With NAGA’s Disruptive Nature

This debit card from NAGA is ahead of the game. It is a continuation of the coin’s disruptive nature, established by many other products. After the successful completion of one of the most successful ICOs in 2017, the year 2018 looks promising for NAGA. It is set to be a year of more growth and innovation for the company. Do not miss the opportunity to be amongst the first 10 thousand people to access their debit card.

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