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NEO and GAS Get a Boost as New NEO Platform Is Expected to Launch


Ethereum is still the go-to platform for ICO projects as well as decentralized apps; something that has since the price of ETH continue to rise, with others on the decline. However, it looks like it won’t dominate the market of ERC20 tokens for long. NEO and its sibling GAS are the new contenders, threatening to give Ethereum a run for its money, with reports showing that they could provide an easy way of buying tokens.

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NEO and GAS Getting a lot of Attention

A developer conference will take place on January 31st in San Francisco following the huge attention that NEO and Gas have been getting lately. The marketing team has done a pretty good job, something that is reflected by the prices of both altcoins in the last few days. For instance, the price of GAS sky rocketed in two days, jumping from just $50 to $70. Additionally, NEO has also recorded strong gains, recording an incredible 45% rise in just a week to trade at around $164.

NEON Exchange Platform Also on the Way

There are reports that also indicate that the NEO platform, a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, will be launched, with an ICO coming soon. The exchange (NEX) is expected to start operating fully by the third quarter, according to its official website.

NEX combines the NEO blockchain with an off-chain matching engine to enable much faster and more complex trades than existing decentralized exchanges

Looking at the roadmap, it’s impressive too. Once the engine and trading interface is launched in the third quarter, it will support NEX, GAS and NEO transactions, with ERC20 tokens and ETH support coming in the fourth quarter.

The Neon platform is expected to be unique. The company has a plan to have API to facilitate purchase of NEP5 tokens; just the way ERC20 tokens and ICOs are powered and bought on the Ethereum platform.

What do you think about the new NEO exchange? Do you think it can dethrone Ethereum in terms of being the undisputed leader? Are we going to see the prices of NEO and GAS continue to grow? Let’s hear what you think.