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Odyssey: Peer-to-Peer Trading at a Much Lower Cost


Odyssey have a dream. It may sound like one you’ve heard before, but they believe that this one is crucially different. And having successfully raised $50 million during their ICO, they are now ready to put their ideas to the test.

Share Everything

Within the Odyssey team, the belief is that other P2P sharing infrastructures focus too much of singular trading items. They, however, want to connect users for the purposes of completely open trading. Not one, two or three things: everything. Their “decentralized sharing economy” focuses on speed, efficiency and, most importantly, low costs. And while they currently operate on the Ethereum blockchain, with an ERC-20 token (the oCoin – OCN), they recently announced that they were looking into switching over to Qtum. This is mainly because Qtum offer better mobile interfacing, and Odyssey feel that people would be better served as open traders if they had on-the-go mobile access at its most efficient.

Sophie Guan, the Odyssey Project Lead, was quoted in a press release as saying:

At ODYSSEY (OCN), we believe in an autonomous and open marketplace that delivers greater efficiency of products and services, while offering reduced operating costs. This exciting collaboration with Qtum will help ODYSSEY (OCN) set the foundations of a seamless, open and robust blockchain system, bringing us closer to making the mass adoption of a crypto-driven economy possible.

And the Qtum blockchain ability to process transactions extremely quickly will inevitably drive down costs even further; a stated aim of Odyssey’s team, and a key indicator of how successful they are.

They’ve certainly been busy getting the oCoin up and running too. They have listed on six exchanges in under a week, including Huobi, the world’s fifth largest exchange.

Have you invested in Odyssey tokens? What do you expect to see from them in 2018, now that they have established a presence on multiple exchanges? Let us know in the comments below!