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Oh, My Coins! Stories of Lost Crypto Assets

Not everyone has struck it lucky...


The world of cryptocurrency has brought joy and despair in almost equal measures. Yes, some have really made a killing on crypto-investments, but some have a different story to tell about their nightmares. Hackers and thieves have made it their job to prey on unsuspecting users, looking to steal their assets. Oh, My Coins now looks to bring together those who have lost their crypto-assets, giving them a platform to share their experiences on, so they can all cope with all that anger.

A Staggering Amount of Cryptocurrency Lost So Far

Imagine investing your hard-earned dollars in cryptocurrency and waking up to find your wallet reads zero! Yup, that’s what some of the users on Oh, My Coins say. According to the platform, the total amount stands at a staggering $10,172,500,502 dollars, which is equivalent to 713,666.387 bitcoins, at the time of writing.

But how does this staggering amount of cryptocurrency get lost? Well, here are some quick reasons:

  • Bad trade on exchanges as well as directly with other users
  • FUD sell
  • Exchange loss, especially when performing an arbitrage between two exchanges, or crashing of platforms
  • Theft from phishing scams
  • Losing wallets, especially when one accidentally deletes it from their device and they can’t remember their login credentials
  • Hacking on exchanges

Common Cryptocurrencies Lost

There are quite a number of cryptocurrencies lost, but the most common ones include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Others include Bitcoin Cash, CloackCoin, Dash, Emercoin, Ethereum Classic, Monaco, Potcoin, Neo, Ripple, Monero, Verge and AlCoin.

What do you think about the (rising) amount of cryptocurrency lost? Is the digital currency world attracting more phishing scams and hacking? Let’s hear what you think on this matter.