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Olympus Labs: A Financial Ecosystem for all Your Crypto Products


The world of investment has a voice. If investors generally agree on something, it will invariably become a reality. Demand and supply – a typical financial model.

One of the main investor complaints of the last year centers around flexibility. Transacting in the crypto space can be slow, expensive, technically difficult or fiddly, and lacking in diversity. As a reaction to this, a number of startups are now seeking to provide their own solutions in a bid to turn the heads of investors.

The Rise of the All-in-One

Olympus Labs are one such startup, and they have got a lot of reasons to be cheerful. 60.3 million reasons to be precise, as their recent token sale successfully ended at just over their stated $60 million target, on January 14th this year. Theirs is an app-based solution that allows for currency exchange, trading, shopping and investment at the touch of a button. The emphasis is on providing options that are easy to understand, and easy to invest in. to do this, they are aiming to create these options themselves, which is where the proceeds from the token sale come in. They have pledged to offer financial products for those who wish to manage funds and short markets, and even new indexes that will make it easier to enter crypto markets abroad. Another option is the chance to lend or borrow BTC so that you can participate in future ICOs without having to sell, and generate revenue through lending. And, of course, everything will be on-blockchain and run through smart contracts, making security a big part of what Olympus Labs do.

They will partly get to their goal through business partnerships. Meanwhile, 40% of the token sale will be distributed at the end of the ICO, with no lockup period.

Business partnerships may well hold the key to their success, too. But CEO Kai has worked at McKinsey, Morgan Stanley and PIMCO, so Olympus Labs are unlikely to find it difficult to make influential contacts!

Did you get yourself any of the Olympus Tokens? Would you like to test out their app here?