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Opporty: Blockchain-Powered Marketplace to Eliminate Inefficiency

Understanding Opporty Crowdsale


Companies and even individuals engage in commerce all the time. This is where they buy and sell services and goods. For them to use the marketplace, they usually require the use of escrow services. These intermediaries are expensive and make it difficult to conduct numerous transactions at once. This is where Opporty comes in; they create a system where there are no intermediaries, and is thus more efficient.

How Inefficiency Affects Business Owners

According to data from the US Small Business Administration, about 20 percent of all small businesses collapse within the first year. The rest eventually fail because they are unable to withstand competition from established businesses. Thus, for these small and mid-sized businesses to survive, they need to offer great services at competitive pricing while cutting down on negotiation times required to find service providers.

How Opporty Solves These issues

In a decentralized escrow system and marketplace built on the blockchain, it is possible to get rid of most of the inefficiency. This is achieved by creating a peer-to-peer marketplace, without an expensive intermediary. On this ecosystem, sales deals and payments can be made in a fast and secure manner.

Another benefit of the decentralized system is that it is more cost-effective and efficient for recipients of services to challenge the service provider on quality. This is what Opporty offers its users. Since Opporty is scalable, the development team targets small and medium-sized enterprises.

On Opporty, startups will be able to launch Ethereum Smart contracts to settle deals, and much more. Opporty relies on the decentralized system to meet the needs of ordinary people, small businesses, and individual service providers. Because of this, small businesses can competitively exist in spite of the advantage that big companies have.

Opporty Enables B2B interactions

Opprty makes it possible for B2B interactions to take place on a large scale. Consequently, companies are relieved of costly legal conflicts, ambiguous contracts, and costly failures of escrow systems.

Besides that, the system intends to release the OPP token, which will tokenize the Opporty economy. This will enable it to cater to a general consumer market with the crypto token based on Ethereum, which will reflect real-world value based on services and goods provided.

Opporty runs on Ethereum, which is a decentralized blockchain platform that makes it easier to administer and enforce commercial contracts. To use Opporty, users only need to buy OPP tokens, which they can use to access various services offered by Opporty. They may also choose to exchange the OPP tokens for fiat currencies.

Opporty ICO

The ICO for the OPP tokens was launched at the moment pre-sale is live. Pre-sale ICO started December 27 and will end January 25. You can join whitelist. In this ICO, 400 million tokens were sold. In the second phase of the ICO, Opporty plans to release a further 250 million tokens.

What do you think about this decentralized market by Opporty? Is it the future of business? Leave us your comments below.