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Origin Protocol Could Revolutionize the Online Marketplace

Origin Protocol The sharing economy without intermediaries


On the Origin (0rigin with a zero) platform, buyers and sellers will be able to discover each other. They will also be able to make bookings, leave reviews and ratings, discover each other, and so much more. Through this platform, buyers and sellers on 0rigin will be able to meet without the need for the middlemen.

How it Hopes to Achieve This

To accomplish the ambitious goal of eliminating the middlemen, 0rigin will launch with incentives from the onset. This will encourage businesses, consumers, and technologists, to contribute to, build, and extend the reach of the ecosystem. The designers envisage a broad collection of vertical use cases that are built atop the 0rigin’s standards. Together with their users, 0rigin hope to create the next level of the Internet economy.

What Problem Will 0rigin Solve?

Since the early days of the Internet, digital marketplaces have managed to bring together buyers and sellers in ways that were not possible before. One good example of this was Craigslist, which was launched in 1995. For many years, it was the dominant force in local and neighborhood economies. This was shortly followed by other online marketplaces where people could buy and sell assets or services.

However, most of these intermediary companies are flawed. For one, to build and sustain such online market places, takes a lot of resources and time. In most cases, these marketplaces end up holding  monopolies on their field. The result is that they extract an unfair amount of value from providing these intermediary services.

That is where 0rigin comes in. It provides people with an opportunity to trade in goods and services without having a disproportionately huge amount of value extracted from them. Another reason why 0rigin felt the need to launch this platform is data. Today, a few corporations control most of the world’s data. However, 0rigin believes that users should have full access to their data, and that they should be able to control all of it.

Another issue that 0rigin hopes to solve is innovation. Once most of these big players have established themselves as market leaders, they then slack off. Since they have all the data and resources needed to ensure no competitors can succeed, they are not motivated to innovate. The result is that you end up having an inefficient marketplace, but one where you cannot do anything to make a change. Some of the giants in the sharing marketplace have been around for decades. However, they have hardly made any innovation in all that time. The result has been a poor user experience.

The Presale Details

0rigin has yet to reveal the details of the presale. However, they have provided those interested with a form that they can fill out. With time, they will announce more details to those who have signed up.

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