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Overwinter Is Here: Zcash Prepared for its First Hard Fork


Referred to as Overwinter, the new software from Zcash signifies a much-awaited system upgrade and update. In a blog post, Overwinter will strengthen the protocol for future upgrades, which paves the way for the Zcash sapling network upgrade in June this year.

Overwinter includes versioning, replay protection for network upgrades, performance improvements for transparent transactions, a new feature of transaction expiry, and more,

-Reads part of the blog post.

Although the software comes with new Overwinter rules, customers will need to upgrade once the precise block number is completed. Upgrading the network will not result in a fork of the blockchain or the establishment of a new currency. Customers have been urged to keep their Zcash software up to date for enhanced services. The nature of the code will require all users to shift, as it will be a hard fork.

According to Coindesk, Zcash has announced it will release a detailed update, sapling, in September. The new update will reduce the storage required for private transactions and also offer a newly-secured update to the blockchain’s underlying cryptography, zk-snarks.

Zcash’s blog post states that the team involved in developing Overwinter has delayed the release in order to thoroughly review the software and fix the bugs that were discovered during the testing phase.

The First Version to Be Released in April

The company plans to launch the first version of Zcash to support Overwinter in April.

The first version of zcashd that supports Overwinter will be 1.1.0, which is planned for release in April. This release will set the Overwinter activation block height on the main network, currently targeted for June 25th, 2018. Once activated, the main chain will start enforcing the new consensus rules,

-Reads the report in the company’s blog post.

The company has already started reaching out to third party developers for their views and feedback. The feedback will be crucial for a smooth Overwinter activation.

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