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Planning a Holiday? Here Are the Top Sites That Accept Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin holidays becoming more and more popular


Bitcoin has had its share of challenges since it was launched in 2009, but it has survived to become the most popular digital currency in the world. Although it has mostly been preferred as a digital asset and not as a medium of payment up to now, we have seen companies and retailers changing their perceptions of late, accepting it as a payment method. Travel companies have not been left behind, so the next time you are planning a getaway, you could use the Bitcoins in your wallet to finance your trip.

Here are the top travel sites that are currently accepting Bitcoin payments:


  • This site happens to be the first site that accepted Bitcoin payments – back in 2013. It offers local and international flights.
  • eGifter.comThis is not an airline company, but a shop that allows you to purchase gift cards using Bitcoin, so that you can use them for airlines such as Southwest Airlines, Delta and American Airlines.
  • Destinia.comThis is a Spanish agency that allows you to book a hotel or flight by just swapping your Bitcoins.
  • AirBalticThis Latvian national airline has been accepting Bitcoin payment for discounted flights to Europe, Russia and Baltics since 2014.


  • Expedia Although this travel giant doesn’t accept Bitcoin payments for flights, it does for accommodation and hotel bookings.
  • Destinia and CheapAir – These two companies accept Bitcoin payments for both flights and hotel bookings
  • 9flats.comHeadquartered in Berlin, this company can accept Bitcoin payments, but only for those looking for short-term home rentals.
  • Gyft.comThis is a digital gift card that allows customers to get gift cards to and pay in Bitcoins.

Car Travel

There aren’t so many car travel companies accepting Bitcoin payments at the moment, and most that have already adopted the digital currenc,y also offer other services such as flight and hotel bookings. Some of those in this bracket include Destinia, CheapAir and CoinFuel.

The growth of bitcoin, especially in 2017 ($1,824%), has seen many companies jump on the bandwagon, accepting payments in the digital currency. The mainstream industry is also giving Bitcoin more attention as major exchanges accept Bitcoin futures contracts. Thanks to these facts, we are likely to see more travel companies join in and get their piece of the pie.

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What do you think about major travel companies finally embracing Bitcoin? Is it possible that the digital currency will be adopted by all major companies, including retailers and airline? Let’s hear your thoughts.