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Polys Will Make It Impossible to Cheat in Elections

Secure online voting system for a range of settings


Polys isn’t just any old start-up. It represents a pretty hefty collaboration between security experts Kaspersky and blockchain whizzes Parity. The source code is based on Ethereum smart contracts and is available on GitHub. It focuses on making voting and elections impossible to rig – something which could interest multiple industries.

Game Changer?

At the moment, majority and cumulative voting structures are set up, so that universities or councils can choose one or the other and get right to it. Administrators can provide voting links via email or leave them open for public votes, and votes and results are encrypted on the blockchain. Obviously, the underlying blockchain technology does its job of being secure, verified, anonymous and impossible to fake.

For universities and educational bodies, voting opportunities are very regular. However, they are quite often avoided as they are time-consuming to set up. The advantage of Polys is that it is extremely quick and automated. Similarly, in the political world, while votes are less frequent, they are unbelievably expensive to set up. Again, Polys cuts right down on costs and time.

The White Paper seems to suggest that future iterations of Polys may offer users the chance to change their votes as many times as they like before voting closes. This would be a new and controversial development to a system that has been unchanged for many years. However, at present, it remains fairly traditional. And with it being a combination of Kaspersky and Parity, it certainly ought to be well-developed and secure.

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