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Popular Talk Show Host Ellen DeGeneres Gives Bitcoin Mainstream spotlight


For Bitcoin, the hilarious send-up by Ellen DeGeneres (popularly known for hosting the Ellen Show) couldn’t have come at a better time. The cryptocurrency has seen a drop in its price over the past few weeks, dipping to about $6,000 per BTC from last year’s price of near $20,000. As a result, mainstream media outlets have been having a field day reporting on the “Bitcoin crash” as more bad publicity has spread fear across the crypto world.

However, the fact that Ellen gave her audience a partial and light breakdown of how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work, comparing the technology behind Bitcoin to an adorable goat that only exists on the Internet, reveals just how much Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have grown out of their previous underground shadows.

Is Bitcoin Gaining Mainstream Approval?

Well, as good a question as that is, it might be too early to give a verdict. However, for some cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it was only yesterday that Bitcoin was mentioned (and in hushed tones) in the same sentences as cybercrime and the elusive dark web. In fact, Bitcoin’s tainted past as a funding tool for international criminal empires and drug dealers has been holding it back from mainstream uptake for some time.

In contrast with the past, contemporary media sources and mainstream news platforms have invited Bitcoin talks and reviews, making cryptocurrency and blockchain technology almost commonplace.

But even with comedians and popular celebrities talking about Bitcoin, there is still a general premise of cryptocurrencies as a passing fad that is only good for a laugh. Most people still see it as a pseudo-money project for nerds. In fact, the hilarious breakdown by Ellen on her talk show is only one of a few comedic reviews of Bitcoin.

More Hilarious Outlooks on Bitcoin’s Complexity

There is no denying that Bitcoin’s current mainstream popularity is still derided as a laughing matter. Just like the Ellen show, the Seth Meyer show had also previously presented a fake commercial for Bitcoin where three women talk about Bitcoin after playing cards and having coffee.  Likewise, Conan O’Brien’s show also aired a comedic explanation of what Bitcoin is by inviting “Marcus Ortman” as its founder to explain it to the audience. In the show, Marcus Ortman uses semi-technical terms in a hilarious twist that ends with him disappearing from the stage.

With more mainstream references made to Bitcoin, from comedians mocking its complexity to renowned experts in the financial world calling it a scam, it is only a matter of time before we see Hollywood movies with a plot twist around cryptocurrency, cybercrime and blockchain technology.

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