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Postbank Survey Finds That Germans Are Still Interested in Crypto


A survey by Postbank has found that one in three Germans are interested in, or would consider investing in crypto. The survey, which was conducted between February and March 2018, found that 60 per cent of women and 51 per cent of men would like to be free from centralized financial systems. Other factors that influenced the third were the possibilities of high returns (56% of men, 36% of women) and anonymity (33% of the interested parties).

A Young Person’s Game?

There is certainly the notion that crypto slots into the digital era and as such is more suited to the younger, technologically-immersed generation. And the survey of 3100 Germans certainly supports this idea, with nearly half (46%) of the 18-34 year-old group involved in the survey interested in investing.

As an overall comment on the survey and the interest that young people have in the world of crypto investing, Postbank commented:

It is noteworthy that Germans are still interested in cryptocurrencies as a financial investment despite high losses and obvious risks… There is certainly a real risk that people will lose money just because they follow a hype. Despite all the fascination, young investors should not lose sight of offers from the established banking system. Anyone who already makes an investment in securities as an investment should certainly not invest in cryptocurrencies because of the high risks involved. Because this type of investment is highly speculative.

– Dr. Thomas Mangel, Postbank Chief Digital Officer.

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