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Refereum: Get Paid to Watch and Play Video Games!

Upcoming ICO set to raise $25 million


For a gamer, this might sound too good to be true. You can get paid to watch and play video games, thanks to Refereum. The blockchain startup have an ICO scheduled for the beginning of February, and there could be a huge amount of interest and investment from the enormous international online gaming community.

Season II Has Kicked off – but What Does This Mean?

For the last couple of months, gamers have been able to earn tokens on the Refereum website by playing and watching a range of games. Since the beginning of December last year, 65,000 users have registered on the site to earn tokens, and this number is very likely to grow with the announcement of a token sale for February 2018. Now, season 2 will see the introduction of featured games. Users will have the opportunity to play Fortnite Battle Royale (top of the Twitch charts), or simply watch streams, to earn tokens. This is great for gamers, because they are getting paid to get involved with something they love. But there are also massive benefits for the game producers themselves:

  1. They reach a much larger playing market – ideal if the game is not a worldwide best-seller like Call of Duty, for example
  2. They can directly market the game to a range of customers, without spending large amounts of money on marketing
  3. They can get direct feedback on the playability and rating of their game – this could mean that they will release beta versions to test the water before spending extra money on a game that is then doomed to fail

Refereum have stated that they would like to raise $25 million the upcoming token sale. Given the high interest rating, this seems very likely – the only question is how quickly will they reach that target, and will you be one of the lucky ones to get involved before the ICO ends?

To test the water, all you have to do is visit the Refereum website and watch the front page video; hey presto! You’ve earned some points! Now create an account and get going!

Do you fancy getting involved with incentivized gaming? Let us know your thoughts on Refereum in the comments section below!