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Remme Aims to Revolutionize Cyber Security

Replacing Passwords with User Authentication – The New Cyber Security Approach from Remme


Businesses all over the world are losing billions of dollars to hackers. This is because most of the cyber security technology available today is prone to human weakness. For instance, it is easy to guess a password, and if not you can always generate one.

Bulletproof User Authentication

Remme is a startup cyber security company that seeks to eliminate the need for passwords at all. In their place, it has introduced blockchain cyber security technology that utilizes user authentication. This means that no one else but you can access your devices and platforms.

Remme has been on the market since 2015, and already its name is becoming popular in the industry. It caters to a wide range of businesses, but mostly companies that have to secure their clients’ sensitive data. However, anyone can use it, including small businesses and individuals.

Remme has two core strengths. Firstly, it utilizes new technology that is hack-proof, so it guarantees client data security and averts any possible losses or damages to their businesses. Secondly, it has its own utility token to ensure optimal efficacy for users, and possible profits for investors – this is the new Remme token.

Introducing the Remme Cryptocurrency

Remme is also venturing into the cryptocurrency market with its new token. It plans to use the token for powering all operations within its ecosystem, and hopefully to gain more utility outside as time goes by. It is also required for gaining access to Remme PKI protocol and DApps.  

Remme is headquartered in Ukraine, and the token complies with all the financial guidelines of the EU. It is built on the Ethereum platform, and its abbreviation is REM. It is still a new cryptocurrency as it was just released 3rd December 2017. The ICO lasted for about one month, ending on 1st January of this year. That said, it is still available for purchase for anyone who works with Remme or anyone who seeks to profit from the token’s appreciation.

One unit of Remme is currently valued at $0.04. £1 billion GBP of this currency will be produced, and public sale has already started.

The Future of Remme    

Remme is one of the fastest growing cyber security companies in the industry today. Its new technology makes it stand out and appeal to clients. Without a doubt, Remme will witness tremendous growth in the coming future if it keeps up its levels of innovation.

Consequently, the Remme token will also appreciate in value as the company grows. What’s more, it may experience long-term appreciation if it can penetrate the entire cyber security industry, which also ranks among the fastest growing industries in the world. This makes it an ideal investment for those seeking to cash in on the cryptocurrency craze.

Are you unsure about the efficacy of your current cyber security system? Would you consider using Remme’s technology and its cryptocurrency? Let us know in the comments below.