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SETHER: Blockchain-Based Social Media Marketing Platform

Blockchain’s first intelligent social marketing platform


With social media marketing (SMM) expected to become a $14 billion market in 2018, SETHER is the perfect tool for business’ SMM needs. SETHER is a B2B blockchain-based social media marketing platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. The SETHER platform uses big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and behavioral science to understand individual and group behavior.

Blockchain’s First Intelligent Social Marketing Platform

As depicted in the chart above, SETHER connects to social media networks, extracts raw data, before correlating and analyzing it with the help of artificial intelligence. It then delivers information which can be used by blockchain businesses to:

  1. Target customers
  2. Create loyalty
  3. Deploy marketing campaigns
  4. Segment audience
  5. Study customer behavior on all social networks

Pre-ICO Is Live!

The SETHER pre-ICO token sale is live (since December 4th) at a price of 466 SETH for 1 ETH. ETH, BTC, LTC, and DASH count among the accepted currencies for purchasing the SETH token. The pre-ICO token sale is currently open with a 40% bonus available until 14th January. The ICO is scheduled to open on January 15th and will run until February 14th 2018, after which the SETH token will be listed on exchanges. About 4575.86 ETH has been raised so far from the token sale (as of December 26th). The company expects to allocate a good 55% of the post-ICO funds for the datacenter, R&D, personnel, and the development of the social APIs.

The offering comes from the MWARE team which consists of Ovidiu Oancea (as CEO), Flavius Burca (as CTO), and Cristi Savescu (as COO), among others.

“World-Changing Concept”

According to tech pioneer John McAfee, Chief Cybersecurity Visionary of MGT, “about It is an ICO. You can’t buy it one day and sell it the next. It is a longer-term play.” McAfee believes SETHER is a world-changing coin and a world-changing concept.  John founded McAfee Associates in 1987 and is presently the CEO of MGT Capital Investments Inc., a technology holding company which is now actively involved in the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies based on their expertise in dealing with blockchains.