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Smart Diploma Enables Academic Institutions to Store Certifications on Blockchain

Blockchain startups that protect against the falsification of academic diplomas and certificates


The uses for blockchain are seemingly endless, but sometimes a startup pokes its head above the parapet, and it makes complete and utter sense. Smart Diploma has identified a problem, and has proposed a simple yet ingenious solution that could really take off.

Protect Your Qualifications

Smart Diploma’s aim is to eliminate the massive problem that is the falsification of academic certificates worldwide. It is a huge issue – one that this author has come across personally in his previous life in education – and devalues valid qualifications as well as falsely promoting fraudulent individuals to positions that they do not deserve. There is a huge worldwide black market for this kind of activity, and countries with poorly-structured education systems are the biggest offenders.

The idea is simple. Smart Diploma are powered by Ethereum. They enable academic institutions to store academic certificates on blockchain using their free-open source tech. With the unique security qualities that blockchain offers, it will then be impossible for others to get a hold of their certificates. They can then send codes to potential recruiters, who will be able to verify these qualifications with the click of a button.

This seems like a simple and trustworthy way to get around an irritating issue. Now, Smart Diploma need to gain some traction. It will be difficult for major educational institutions to put their trust in a startup without more coverage – and a better website than they currently have.

However, this is a great idea and could make a real difference. Another linked possibility would be to apply this to medical qualifications and registrations across the globe. Currently, people are losing their lives every day to unregistered, fake doctors. A blockchain-based verification process could completely eliminate this too.

Do you know anyone behind Smart Diploma? Do you know of any similar ideas? Let us know in the comments.