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SparkCognition and Boeing to Use Blockchain and AI technology to Shape the Future of Air Travel


Advancements in the adoption of blockchain technology have been on the rise all year. Various industries are already holding discussions to experiment with and examine blockchain’s capacity for efficiency and innovation.

In this regard, Boeing and SparkCognition have moved to collaborate in order to use a hybrid blockchain technology / Artificial Intelligence platform. The partnership between the two entities was announced earlier today and hopes to provide a standardized programming interface for the transport and travel industry.

Building Future Transportation Systems

According to the announcement made by Boeing, the program will support industrial inspection, package delivery as well as other commercial applications. Boeing and SparkCognition will use Blockchain and AI to ensure safe secure transport while also tracking unmanned air vehicles and allocating traffic corridors.

The CEO of SparkCognition(Amir Husain) acknowledged the magnitude of the project and said that the entire project is “sstimated by some analysts at $3 trillion.” He also mentioned that:

The urban aerial mobility opportunity will lead to the creation of the largest new market in our lifetimes

Already, Boeing HorizonX Ventures has invested in SparkCognition in efforts to support the cognitive, data-driven analytics platform development. This platform is set to ensure safety, reliability, and security in the data technology space.  

Biggest Partnership Ever

The collaboration of the two entities is set to be one of the biggest partnerships to take advantage of blockchain as well as AI. In the newsletter from Boeing, Husain further mentions that,

The world’s number one aviation leader partnering with the world’s most innovative industrial AI company means that unparalleled experience in safety, innovation, scale, and reliability will be brought to address this monumental opportunity

To advance the development of the next generation travel and UTM, Boeing has also set up Boeing NeXt as the new organization set to leverage Boeing’s research and development in the advanced propulsion and autonomous flight space.

The new organization will also focus on smart cities, while also exploring new opportunities from new markets in an effort to solve the challenges of the transportation industry in the future.

According to Greg Hyslop, the CTO at Boeing:

We’re at a point in history where technological advances and societal trends are converging to demand bold solutions and a different way to travel

He further added that Boeing NeXt will be building on Boeing’s legacy in order to open up “new frontiers to move people and goods with proven technologies.”

Reimagining the Future of Transportation

Boeing and SparkCognition plan to re-imagine global transportation of both goods and people using blockchain and AI. The two entities believe that in pursuing “technology development in emerging fields, including AI” safety and efficiency in flight and electric propulsion will be achieved.

Even though the two companies are leaders in different industries, the two are set to collaborate to advance what Boeing calls the “the most important interests of society”

Eventually, Boeing NeXt will have a portfolio that will include passenger carrying hypersonic concepts with landing and takeoff vehicles that facilitate urban air travel for future mobility.

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