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Synapse AI: The New Way of Making Money from Your Unlimited Data Trail

Introducing SYN Tokens


Data is one of the biggest drivers of commerce today. Major companies are always collecting data about their clients; where they live, their hobbies, what they eat, and so much more. However, most of the proceeds from data go to these companies – most ordinary people have never earned money from their data.

However, thanks to Synapse AI, you can now earn from data and partake in a promising investment opportunity.

What Is Synapse AI?

Synapse AI is a new platform that is hoping to become the next big database for big data. The platform essentially brings buyers and sellers together in one place. Sellers choose whether to share their data on the Synapse AI platform and price it as they wish, while buyers visit the platform to buy this data and make the best of it. However, Synapse AI’s popularity is not in its data exchange platform. It has emerged as a revolutionary platform thanks to its plan to monetize data.

Developers of this platform have identified a glaring gap, and inequality in one of the biggest industries. The average person leaves a trail of data in everyday life, whether when catching up with friends on social media or shopping online. Companies have been collecting this data and developing sophisticated systems to track almost everything you do online. In fact, many companies have been accused of infringing on their clients’ privacy by collecting data without their knowledge.

Data can be leveraged in many ways. Most companies use it for ad-targeting by customizing their ads to suit users’ behaviors and preferences. There is no reason why the people generating this data should not earn from it. Synapse AI is making this happen using its SYN tokens.    

How Does the SYN Token Work?

SYN tokens work just like any other cryptocurrency. The tokens are used by data buyers to obtain data from Synapse AI’s subscribers, while data sellers can exchange them for a wide range of other services such as access to applications and online platforms.

The SYN token can also be exchanged for hard currency. SYN has already been registered on most of the major global crypto exchange platforms. It can be traded against a wide range of cryptocurrencies including ETH and Moreno, among others. This means that you can exchange it for currency, hence earning from it. Chances are that it will also be exchangeable for currency once the concept catches on.

Investing in SYN

SYN held its pre-sale on 18th September 2017, and it was a major success. It has also held its ICO tier I and is already making plans for tiers II and III. After that it will release the tokens to the public and begin on its development milestones – you should see significant progress by the last quarter of 2018.  

You still have time to invest in this promising SYN and get huge discounts by getting in on the second and third ICOs – they will run from March to the end of Spring.

How often do you share your data with collectors / are you interested in the prospect of earning from it? If so, would you consider investing in SYN? Let us know in the comments below!