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Taiwanese Airline Says “Yes” to Cryptocurrency Payments on Board


The use of cryptocurrency as a payment method seems to be gaining ground by the day. The latest development has seen a Taiwanese airline accept these digital assets as a payment method for air tickets. FAT Taiwan Inc. recently announced that it will henceforth accept crypto payments, making it the first of its kind in the Taiwanese airline industry to make it possible for customers to fly courtesy of their cryptocurrency.

According to Zhang Gangwei, the president of the airline, this is a step in the right direction. He is proud to be part of a revolution that is set to change how business in conducted in the aviation industry. He says:

The widespread use of cryptocurrency in various scenarios will usher in a new future for the airline business, lodging industry, OTA (Online Travel Agent) and the entire tourism sector. FAT is about to be the number one in the industry to embrace cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Travel the World, Courtesy of Your Cryptocurrency

Far Eastern Air, the Taiwanese airline in question flies to various locations in the Southeast Asia. This includes cities like Japan, China, Cambodia, South Korea and Philippines. The airlines announcement on the use of cryptocurrency also saw it promise several discounts and more convenience when traveling.

With this development, Far Eastern Air clients in the cryptocurrency market now have a reason to smile, especially for those who had previously been inconvenienced by the restrictive payment methods. This means even a more diverse and convenient booking experience when buying tickets and other travel-related products from the airline.

This Taiwanese Airline Is Here to Revolutionize how Ticket Payment Is Done

Far Eastern Air is clearly a company on a mission to bridge the gap between the tech-savvy and the rest of its clientele. It hopes to capture the attention of both its domestic market and other international targets.

Apart from the attention it is bound to attract from regional media, the airline hopes to also inspire and attract other passionate crypto traders from across the Asian region; a region that is known to be warming to the use of Bitcoins and other crypto in their business deals.

What do you think about Far Eastern Air’s move to incorporate use of cryptocurrency in buying air tickets? How will this spur their business on and how will it impact the business environment in Taiwan as a whole? Let us know of your view in the comments section below.