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TEND: Creating a New Investment World Powered by the Blockchain

Former Credit Suisse Chief Digital Officer Launches TEND


TEND has a vision of creating a positive impact on society while enriching investors, by offering them a chance to truly enjoy their investment. The developers of TEND took time to prepare an informative video about the vision. The strategic advisor for this project is the former SAP and UBS Group CIO, Oliver Bussmann. With this project, investors will be able to share ownership of assets while gaining both financial value and meaning.

How it Will Work

Via TEND, small networks of individuals who share similar goals will be able to connect and share their vision for the world while still making a profit. They will thus be able to invest in their interests while diversifying their wealth. Investors will be able to get a full-service concierge-like experience on the platform. It has been designed so that assets are protected using the blockchain, while being quite transparent.

This will be made possible by the use of smart contracts, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. They are immutable, which means investors will know all the risks and potential benefits from the start. Previously, the concept of co-ownership was impossible. However, thanks to these contracts and the blockchain, they have helped to open up a new world for investors.

According to the founder and CEO of TEND,

Many people today are finding that there is more value in experience than ownership and that it is about access to fine things, not just possession of them.

An alpha version of TEND has already been launched and tested with some early users. For further development of the platform, TEND announced that they would launch an ICO token to help them develop a working platform. The token will be compliant with all legal requirements, to ensure investors get their money’s worth.

This token sale will also be the first of its kind; it will be structured just like a bond, complying fully with all Swiss Securities law. To ensure full transparency, it will make the details of the token sale and use of all funds available to all its investors.

Its Unique Strengths

TEND’s uniqueness lies in its ability to leverage transformative blockchain technology and smart contracts, and apply them to real-life assets. Abele, the founder of TEND, aims to give a bigger audience access to a world of investment driven by emotion and passion. This is quite different from the current situation, where it is purely about profit and loss.

The Token Sale

The token sale is set to start in about 7 days. Those who pre-invest before January 27th will benefit from a 20% discount.

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