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Kathleen Breitman Says Tezos Will Launch Soon

Great news from the Tezos project


For those who had lost hope in the Tezos project, there may be some good news after all. Kathleen Breitman recently announced that they plan to launch the platform. This announcement was made at the Cyber Days conference at the UCLA Blockchain lab. If she manages to pull this off, the Tezos tokens will become available to the masses in just a few weeks.

Tezos Is Complicated

Tezos has been a complex story since its early days. It has involved broken promises, lawsuits, and infighting. Additionally, there is something called the tote bag, which nobody really understands the significance of. The result has been that one of the biggest ICOs of 2017 has been delayed for months. This has led to accusations that the president of the Tezos Foundation is ruling in a dictatorial manner.

This entire episode has been quite embarrassing for Arthur and Kathleen Breitman. They had been hailed as exceptional entrepreneurs after they managed to raise $232 million in the ICO. Just like the investors, they look forward to getting the project off the ground and putting this nasty episode behind them.

What Kathleen Said

Kathleen told those present at the conference that she would go rogue in a few weeks and launch Tezos. She added that she would release the token on her own terms. She said that for a while, she had felt as though she was being hamstrung. However, she has since unburdened herself from the moral issues and is now ready for the launch.

The Effect on the Market

Prelaunch XTZ futures tokens rose by 6% following this announcement. However, at their current $2.91 rate, the Tezzies are still quite down from their high of $10.1 in December. This will now cause the Tezos project to be the first project to fork even before launch. Meanwhile, the battle rages on, even on twitter. People have a choice between the Tezos account or the Tezos foundation account. Johann Gevers, who is the polarizing President of the project, runs the latter. The third account is the T2 Foundation account run by the Breitmans. This account states that it is committed to ensuring that the Tezos network launches.

However, the Breitmans have one major obstacle. Right now, the Tezos Foundation controls all funds and the XTZ tokens. When coupled with the lawsuits that both the Breitmans’ and foundation are facing, it is obvious that the issue is far from resolved. Before this project can launch, it is important that those behind this project resolve the issues. Otherwise, it might end up being quite a loss for investors once it launches, and small issues such as maintaining the blockchain end up dragging on for months.

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